Buying a home or a commercial building in Vail could very well be the biggest purchase you will ever make. As such, it is important to be sure that the investment you are making is wise and worthwhile. Both the structure of a building as well as its functional components such as electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, and other systems may be in good working order when you purchase the building, but they may also have problems that only a professional inspection can detect. A professional inspection of the Vail home or commercial building you are thinking of purchasing could turn out to be a very wise decision.

Home Inspections in Vail, AZ

It is, of course, exciting to finally find your dream home, especially in a place like Vail. No one wants to think there may be something wrong with what may be the perfect house. However, given that problems with a home may turn into expensive repairs down the line, it’s important to know what kind of home you are getting yourself into upfront. A professional home inspection from Bill’s Home Inspection Services can explore features of the home including interior/exterior components, electrical, plumbing, the roof and more. We can make sure everything is structurally sound and in good working order. We will also show you the positive aspects of your home and its components so that you can make an overall decision after balancing the pros and cons.

Termite Inspections for Vail properties

Even if most of a home is in good condition, one issue that is often overlooked is the potential for termite damage. We can provide thorough inspections of your home and property for termites. We also offer official state-approved reports known as WDIIRs that are often necessary for times when a home changes ownership. The WDIIR will include information such as if there is any evidence of an infestation if there are any areas that cannot be inspected and if there has been any previous treatment for termites.

Commercial Building Inspections for Vail Businesses

Those who need a building in which to conduct their new business want to know that the facility they purchase will allow them to operate their business for a long time to come. Commercial buildings, however, can have the same potential structural or functional problems that a home can have. We can inspect the commercial building you are considering purchasing. Our inspection will examine both interior and exterior areas of the building such as walls, floors, ceilings, entries, exits, the roof, the parking area and more. We will also highlight any potential safety issues as well as inspect systems like plumbing, electrical and heating and cooling.

Bill’s Home Inspection Services

Bill’s Home Inspection has been serving the Vail area for more than 10 years with prompt and professional home and commercial inspections. The inspections and written reports we provide follow both state and national standards. We will answer any questions you have and provide upfront pricing. Purchasing a home or commercial building is a major decision. Contact Bill’s Home Inspection Services to have a professional help you with your inspection needs.