If you are getting ready to buy or sell your business or home in Tucson, you may need one or more types of inspections. Our inspection services help you identify existing or potential problems.

Tucson Home Inspections

If you are selling your Tucson home, it is important to have it inspected. You can fix most issues before selling. Also, buyers who are aware of any issues will feel more comfortable about making a purchase if they know what to expect. If you are buying a home, an inspection can save you thousands of dollars in expenses that you might overlook when you tour the home. Inspections are also good if you are thinking of making some upgrades to your home and want to know more about its condition. Our inspectors have years of experience.

When we inspect your home, we look at all exterior and interior components. We inspect heating and cooling systems and look at electrical features. Also, we carefully inspect the garage, outdoor grounds, attics, and crawlspaces. Our workers take the time to analyze every component thoroughly to ensure that we do not miss any big or tiny issue on your Tucson property.

Commercial Inspections for Tucson Businesses

Buying a commercial building is a big investment whether you are purchasing it as an investment or for your own personal business. New business owners often have a difficult time managing expenses for the first several years after opening their doors. You can minimize some of the unexpected costs by having a thorough building inspection completed prior to buying. If you own a commercial building and want to sell it, an inspection will help you identify repairs that must be completed before you put the building on the market.

For a commercial building inspection, we look carefully at the walls, floors, ceilings, entries and exits to identify hazards or potential problems. We also look at any kitchen or bathroom facilities for plumbing issues. From the structure and roof to parking areas, we inspect every inch of the property outdoors. Also, we look at HVAC systems, heaters, air conditioning units, ventilation systems and electrical features.

Termite Inspections for Tucson Properties

One of the most important inspections to have if you are selling a home is a termite inspection. Lenders require a special form as part of the closing documents that can only be completed by a qualified inspection and pest control professional. We look at your property for dirt tubes and other signs of termites, and we ask about any known previous issues or treatments.

If there are no signs of termite activity on your property, we offer a subterranean termite contract. When we do find signs of termite activity, we issue a proposal for treatment. This is usually satisfactory compensation to a buyer and is an acceptable alternative for a subterranean contract if it cannot be issued. If we find termites, we will inform you at the time of the inspection.

At Bill’s Home Inspection Services, we take pride in the quality of our work. For the past three decades, we have maintained a reputation for being thorough and reliable. To learn more about our services or for pricing information, please call us today. We are located in Green Valley but serve the greater Tucson area.