Home Inspections in Arivaca, AZ

When buying or selling property, you need someone on your side that you can trust. At Bill’s Home Inspection our experienced inspectors are state licensed for home and termite inspections and write their reports following national and state guidelines. With our team’s years of experience, systematic approach, and industry-leading training, we do the job thoroughly and correctly.

Arivaca Home Inspections

No matter if you are buying or selling a home, it makes sense to know what kind of shape it’s in. A pre-listing home inspection by Bill’s Home Inspection will alert sellers to any necessary repairs, assist in pricing your home appropriately, and reassure buyers about the condition of your property.

As a buyer, since this is probably one of the largest monetary transactions you will ever make, we want to be there to help you. Repair costs to fix hidden problems can quickly add up, so we help to pinpoint them up front, allowing you to plan for the expenses or search for a different property. You are encouraged to be present during the inspection, as our expert inspectors will also offer maintenance tips to make the transition into your new home easier.

Our state-certified inspectors will thoroughly examine and identify any concerns with areas including:

  • Interior and exterior components
  • Electrical, heating and cooling, and plumbing systems
  • Foundation, roof, attic, and insulation
  • Garage and grounds

Termite inspections are included as part of our home inspections at no additional charge to give you peace of mind with your new Arivaca home purchase. 

Arivaca Termite Inspections

Sometimes the termite inspection included with our home inspections isn’t enough. Many banks and lenders require a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report (WDIIR), prepared by a licensed pest control company, before allowing a home sale to close. In addition to our comprehensive inspection of all accessible areas for termite signs, the presence of other wood-destroying insects, and their damage, our inspectors provide detailed findings and issue a copy of the WDIIR to the required parties.

This service can be added to a home inspection, allowing you the flexibility of scheduling a single company to handle everything. It can also be contracted independently of a home sale. If no termites are found, we are usually able to include a 1-year subterranean termite contract so you are protected if a termite infestation starts during that year. In cases where there is evidence of termites, we provide a treatment proposal for the elimination of these ravenous pests.

Arivaca Commercial Inspections

The same need exists for inspections of commercial properties. Commercial realty inspections allow for evaluation of the property before the sale is final and minimize the surprise of unexpected expenses. You will receive a detailed report with repair recommendations, existing defects, structural integrity, and positive attributes that we found.

As part of our comprehensive inspection you can expect:

  • Evaluation of interior and exterior components and spaces
  • Identification of potential safety issues
  • Examination of all building and mechanical systems
  • Identification of the presence of pests, both inside and outside

Whatever your inspection needs in Arivaca, you can trust the experienced professionals at Bill’s Home Inspection. Contact today to receive a free estimate and schedule your appointment!