The purchase of a home is probably the largest investment you will ever make. It is imperative that you know as much as possible about the condition of the property, as well as the repairs needed, before you sign on the dotted line.

Bill’s will work hard to give you the information you need to make this important decision. Our inspections also point out the positive aspects of a home and the maintenance needed to save you money in the future.

Even if you are thinking of selling your home it is a good idea to have a home inspection to identify potential problem areas prior to the sale. This provides an opportunity to make repairs ahead of time, putting the home in better selling condition.

Our home inspectors have years of experience identifying issues, as well as positive aspects of a home or structure. Our experience, combined with industry leading training and a systematic approach, ensures we get the job done right.

Every year homeowners that skip on home inspections end up getting stuck with thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Our home inspection services ensure you won’t be the one left holding the bag.

What items do we inspect?

  • Interior components
  • Exterior components
  • Electrical
  • Heating and cooling
  • Plumbing
  • Roof/attic/insulation
  • Garage
  • Grounds

We have been a leader in the home inspection business in the region for several years by providing top quality service that is both thorough and professional.

All of our home inspections meet or exceed the Standards of Professional Practice for Arizona Home Inspectors as set forth by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration.